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    16/12/2014, 22h04
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion Oiseau predateur contre Pigeons dans le forum Off Topic
    Have you ever fired shotshell out of a 22 before ? It's fired using primer only ... it makes a pellet gun sound loud, hell cracking a can of pepsi is...
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    15/12/2014, 00h22
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion Oiseau predateur contre Pigeons dans le forum Off Topic
    If they are stationary birds any small 22 rifle with pest control shotshells will kill them without piercing / destroying your house.
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    04/12/2014, 12h31
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion Question connaisseur eletricité maison dans le forum Off Topic
    Just a heads up to alot of random comments on here... I'm an electrician and an electrical engineering tech. Just so you know you DO NOT need to be a...
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    01/12/2014, 13h34
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion 1 Year Anniversary Of Paul Walker's Death dans le forum General
    ^ I've never lived in Africa so Mandela never really did it for me, but I have watched Paul Walkers movie and let me tell you god damn he's beautiful!
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    26/11/2014, 12h32
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion Meilleur/Pire char que vous avez eu? dans le forum General
    Best: My E55 for power/reliability ratio. Worst: My 08 Range Rover Supercharged... Racked up 10 000$ in warranty work 3 weeks after purchasing....
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    26/11/2014, 12h13
    Dr3w a répondu à la discussion Importateur de voiture d'europe ici au Quebec dans le forum General
    Your car is fucking beautiful sir... good job! Next car I want to purchase is a R5 Turbo or a Delta Evo.
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    veut tu echange contre mag 16 pouce pour tes mag
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    Do you still have your 5 nut conversion?
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Informations de jlzmkII
Vehicle make:
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Cabriolet Vr6


--Driver's Wanted--

jetta 90 gold (Dead)
jetta 91' Elios Blue Swap 1.8 8v gti (Dead)
golf 90 silver swap 2l8v 98 (Dead)
golf GTI 90 2l16v (part out)
golf 96 Red CL (Sold)
Golf 93 Flat Black 2l8v (scrapped)
Jetta Gli mk2 Swap 2l8v (Sold)
Jetta Td 93 Wife's daily (Sold)
Golf vr6 97 BadAss, Ratz, (Daily beater)
Jetta 1992 Black (Work in progress. future : .."?)


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